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Minggu, 20 Mei 2012

Meja Kerja Anak

TuguHarapan- Italian company, Clever, manufacture a range of furniture compositions which provide customizable study areas for kids and teens’ bedrooms. Offering a vast range of desks, chairs, bespoke shelving and storage units, your young genius will be certain to have somewhere beautiful to study.
Coordinating the desk with shelves and bedside cabinets gives a cohesive look to the room. Drawers on castors roll out to create more surface area for books and well-deserved snacks on study breaks. Pops of color make your child’s space a fun place to be, and could even help stimulate their brain cells!
If you are timesharing a workspace between siblings of different ages, or trying to keep up with a growing child, a wall mounted desktop on a shelving bracket system is a great idea, providing a surface that is completely height adjustable. For those of you who keep an eye on your children whilst they work, whether to marvel at their brilliance or to give a waking nudge, a fold away desktop could create a tidy solution in a communal area of your home.
Be sure to add a splash of your kids’ personality to their study spaces, with smart accessories such as neat storage boxes or a desk lamp, whether quirky, pretty or contemporary. With furniture solutions as ‘Clever’ as this, you might forget to ask the kids what they want!


Kamar Tidur Anak Remaja

TuguHarapan- Young people take a lot of pride in the way they set up their room. Though grown-ups often feel that a child’s space should feed and nurture their creativity, curiosity, and ability to focus, the space usually ends up as one that shows off the child’s passions. As each has their own unique tastes and needs, it would be rare to find two that are alike. In this set of young workspaces we focus on a few that sport a special creative flair.
The first five images are designs by Turkish interior designer, Akcalar and the last five are by Barcelona designer, Sergi Mengot.


Modern Style Italian Kitchens from Scavolini

TuguHarapan- What exactly makes a kitchen Italian? Well if Scavolini has any clue, we can see in the photos of their kitchen designs below that they all manifest as a work of art. Whether it be in the sleek curvature of lines or the color and design of the cabinetry, the Italian kitchen concept is open and stylishly modular. So with their newest line of kitchens they’ve stepped outside the box to create a dynamic statement on the face of their cabinets with graphic prints in different schemes that speak volumes to their edgy and bold fans.
In a world where one must be ultra creative for their work to stand out and be noticed, an unexpected graphic print or bold solid color rooted in a simple plan may be the way to go…


Modern Style Kitchen Designs

TuguHarapan- Modern kitchens are more keen on aesthetics these days than they are on practicality. But perhaps the clean line simplicity of this style calls for hidden contraptions regarding all things functional. Either way, our friends at deviant art hooked us up with a creative perspective of the contemporary modern kitchen. As large or tiny as these cooking centers are, they really only provide about 25% of usable space! But beauty is definitely in the eye, so let us know what you see…
by Velizar

Having built in shelves for the multi-functional spaces is pretty saavy of designer Dir2

by phil grayston

by diegoreales

by Michal Timko

by Erniez

by theanarchitect

by Franco Geraci

by Temtaker

by EGA87

by daywalkerint

by Elyathan

by apixx 

Desain Dapur Klasik dari Stosa

TuguHarapan- There are still a lot of people out there who prefer the old warm traditional type kitchens than the modern glossy minimalistic ones. This collection from Stosa is meant for those people and it rediscovers the kitchen as the centre of family life, a miniature world all of its own in which to live and work.
The cabinets come with different finishes from Italian Walnut to Limed Oak. Images follow:
Kitchen made of Italian Walnut
Classical Italian kitchens
Kitchen made of Light Blue Ash finish
Classical Italian kitchens
Kitchen made of Limed oak
classical kitchens

Traditional kitchens
Kitchen made of antique finish Cherry wood
Traditional kitchens
Kitchen made of chestnut wood natural finish
Classical Italian kitchens
Loved the classical style? Check also our set of scandinavian style kitchens.